May 18, 2022

On Saturday, May 14, 2022, a domestic terrorist opened fire on grocery shoppers and employees at a popular grocery store in Buffalo, New York. Investigators reported that the lone gunman targeted the location because the community is predominantly African American.

New policies and new laws to deter and to battle hate crimes, hate groups, hateful individuals, racially motivated crimes, and unregulated social media platforms in America (and beyond) will be very late in the country’s history but much needed at this moment in order for the world to create and capture value for all of the nations’ citizens; that is, to transition from its violent past and present to a country/planet of peace, collaboration, partnerships, whereby all human beings shall not have to live in fear of imminent death because of the colors of their skin.

Yesterday, a staff member of the non-profit ‘’ informed me that by sending in our contact information via their email address, a reply will include the safest way that we may send in a gift in kind and or another way to support the surviving family members of the domestic terrorist attack. Their email address is

On a personal note, I will be making a financial donation in two days, on my next payday.

—- The Stellar i Observer

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